John Stott on Creation Care, by R.J. (Sam) Berry and Dr Laura Yoder

New from IVP, John Stott on Creation Care brings together all of John Stott’s teachings about the environment for the first time, to show why creation care is an important part of a life of radical discipleship.

Showcasing his unique way of explaining the Bible simply and clearly, John Stott on Creation Care traces Stott’s own process of coming to embrace creation care as a vital part of the Christian life – and in turn shows us how it must have an integral place in our own discipleship. Compiled by R.J. (Sam) Berry and Dr. Laura Yoder, this brilliant anthology demonstrates both Stott’s passion for the environment and its place in Christian discipleship.

Published as part of the John Stott Centenary celebrations, proceeds from John Stott on Creation Care will go to A Rocha International, a charity that carries community-based conservation projects in response to biodiversity loss around the world.


 This book charts John Stott’s creational journey, one that was made with great rigour and precision. It serves not simply as an account of a rapidly developing set of convictions, but as a model for how authentic Christian leaders can empower the whole church when they live in community and deep humility.

—Peter Harris, Co-Founder, A Rocha

What a treasure trove this book is! What a testimony to the prophetic foresight of John Stott in urging Christians to be thoroughly and biblically committed to loving, studying and caring for God’s creation, long before environmental and climate crises came to dominate our consciousness and trouble our consciences. 

—Christopher J.H. Wright, Global Ambassador and Ministry Director, Langham Partnership

In 2021, Stott still speaks “a word in season” to every disciple of Jesus. In this 94000 word feast, we are invited to explore the deep biblical application of the command of Jesus in how we care for creation. This embodied obedience, and Stott’s brilliant questions, hold together his deep love of scripture and the biggest need in the world today.

—Revd René August, The Warehouse.