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“There is no other place like The Hookses”

John Stott writes: “Friends who have visited me at The Hookses have remarked on its remoteness, for it is about a mile from the nearest other human habitation. Looking through …

26 April 2021

A Talk on Obedience

Themes: Faith; Friendship; Love; Obedience and Disobedience [A] true friend studies a loved one’s interests. His love spells loyalty. [A servant] dare not call himself “servant” if [he] disobeys. How …

19 March 2021

Seminarians Are Not Tadpoles

Faith, life, and mission must be integrated in the preparation of pastors-to-be. I have never been a seminary teacher—but please do not judge me unqualified to engage in the debate …

05 March 2021


Are Evangelicals Fundamentalists?

Dr. James Barr, Oriel Professor of the Interpretation of Holy Scripture in the University of Oxford, is one of our leading British theologians. He will probably be remembered for his …

26 February 2021

A Prayer for Social Justice

Themes: Conflict; Education; Health and Healing; Justice; Sanctity of Life; Work Righteous Lord God, you love justice and hate evil, and you care for the weak, vulnerable, needy, and the …

16 February 2021