Rico Tice: Lessons from John Stott

I joined the staff at All Souls, Langham Place, on 15 August 1994, and so had the privilege of getting to know Uncle John as a colleague and friend from …

12 March 2021

Seminarians Are Not Tadpoles

Faith, life, and mission must be integrated in the preparation of pastors-to-be. I have never been a seminary teacher—but please do not judge me unqualified to engage in the debate …

05 March 2021

Stott Circa 1978

John Stott, A Rocha and Creation Care

I first met John Stott when, as a small boy in Bangalore, India, I was instructed to be on best behaviour because a famous preacher was visiting. My main memory …

01 March 2021


Are Evangelicals Fundamentalists?

Dr. James Barr, Oriel Professor of the Interpretation of Holy Scripture in the University of Oxford, is one of our leading British theologians. He will probably be remembered for his …

26 February 2021

The John Stott Legacy Podcast: Russell Moore

Russell Moore has a unique influence in American public life: he is President of the Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission of the Southern Baptist Convention (the largest protestant denomination in the USA) …

22 February 2021

A Prayer for Social Justice

Themes: Conflict; Education; Health and Healing; Justice; Sanctity of Life; Work Righteous Lord God, you love justice and hate evil, and you care for the weak, vulnerable, needy, and the …

16 February 2021

John Stott on Mission

John Stott’s contribution to missiological thinking has been succinct, seminal and strategic. Let me illustrate. Succinct To be comprehensive, clear and pithy first requires mastery. John Stott wrote over 50 …

15 February 2021

John Stott on Identity

As a new Christian, I came to realise in my late teens that I was gay; and, not quite ready to tell anyone else yet, I wanted to know what my new-found faith said about my sexuality. Almost at random in a local Christian bookshop, I picked up a copy of Authentic Christianity. It was so helpful that the first Christian thing I ever read on the subject was clear that my identity is in Christ and not my sexuality, that my sexuality was no more fallen than anyone else’s.

15 February 2021

John Stott

FEATURED POST: Why Should I Read John Stott?

Why should anyone in the 21st century read books by someone whose prime years of global evangelical leadership were fifty years ago in the 20th?

15 February 2021

Stott 100 Square on Grey

Organizations Partner to Commemorate John Stott’s One Hundredth Birthday and Ongoing Legacy

InterVarsity Press (USA) published this press release the 8th of January 2021. WESTMONT, IL— Known worldwide as a preacher, evangelist, and communicator of Scripture, the late John R. W. Stott was …

15 February 2021