John Stott

FEATURED POST: Why Should I Read John Stott?

Why should anyone in the 21st century read books by someone whose prime years of global evangelical leadership were fifty years ago in the 20th?

15 February 2021

John Stott: A Leader and a Statesman

Photo © InterVasity Christian Fellowship I first met John Stott when I was a student in Oxford University in 1975 when he came to speak at three consecutive evangelistic meetings …

10 June 2021

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John Stott at 100

I’ve got a confession to make: before I joined IVP, I’d only read the one John Stott book, his classic The Cross of Christ, which I picked up on a …

27 April 2021

“There is no other place like The Hookses”

John Stott writes: “Friends who have visited me at The Hookses have remarked on its remoteness, for it is about a mile from the nearest other human habitation. Looking through …

26 April 2021


The Ultimate Purpose of Our Lives

Photo © Keswick Ministries For nearly 150 years, in a small town in the heart of the English Lake District, thousands of Christians have gathered every summer to listen to …

19 April 2021

JS Korea

John Stott on Devotion

On the day John Stott died, I was at a youth conference. Opposite me at the table in the speakers’ lounge sat a nineteen-year-old man. He hadn’t heard the news. …

18 April 2021

John Stott with Scholar

Melba Maggay on John Stott: A Life and Work of Equal Worth

The first time I saw John Stott, he was doing a series of Bible expositions for pastors and the staff of InterVarsity Christian Fellowship here in the Philippines. It was …

17 April 2021


Miles Away: The Hookses with Uncle John

The following is a reflection from Todd Shy who served as a study assistant to John Stott from 1988 to 1992. First posted at On the five-hour drive from …

16 April 2021


True Leadership

Photo © Kieran Dodds This year the global Church celebrates the birth centenary of one its greatest twentieth-century leaders, John Stott (1921-2011). Although I heard him as a speaker and …

01 April 2021

The Head and Heart of the Lausanne Movement

Photo: Lausanne Young Leaders conference Singapore 1987 © Lausanne Movement The two leaders with whom the Lausanne Movement is most closely associated are Billy Graham and John Stott. Billy was …

26 March 2021

A Talk on Obedience

Themes: Faith; Friendship; Love; Obedience and Disobedience [A] true friend studies a loved one’s interests. His love spells loyalty. [A servant] dare not call himself “servant” if [he] disobeys. How …

19 March 2021